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UsualBeings is a productive social network designed to organize your thoughts, tasks, goals. You can share your goals with or without specifics to your friends family even strangers who are ranked in how much of a help they are to you and others making for a uplifting positive productive experience for you.

Common Goals
Get in shape
Work on lowering blood pressure
Keep on task
Gain/keep mental ability
Keep a schedule
Organize projects with others
Fight off depression
Help reach your dreams
Learn new things
Find things to do
Build social skills
Relax and play games

Things we dont allow
Non constructive criticism
Judging others

Terms and Conditions of Use + Provacy Policy - UsualBeings ie normal people readable
We use cookies to store your login information this should be a given but some countries make us say this legally. We never share your information! The only information we require about you is first name, username, email, password. We never ask for your credit card, social security number, or bank all payment are handled via paypal, amazon, or bitcoin. You are never required to enter your address the only reason we may ask for it is to send you some sweet swag. We reserve the right to block/hide/remove anything that we may feel is negative towards the site, its users, or us. We try to do what we can to protect everything that is posted but security breaches happen be sure to treat the site as if you were in public only post things you would share in public anyways then you have nothing to worry about. Always look for the https in the url before entering any information we always use https and its a good security method theres of course no end all but that atleast makes it harder for wrong doers. We do not sell any of the information about you to anyone. Posts are out there we try to remove posts we feel could be used negativly in any way but once something is out there people always figure out a way to save it always remember that on this site and any other really. There are third party ads on site but try to make sure they arnt doing anything malicous. If we arnt following these let us know and well fix it immediatly!